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Clinical Flow Wiki

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microscope.jpgThis site is devoted to building a connected community around Clinical Flow Cytometry. It is intended to serve as a resource for information, case examples, e-Learning and resources. We have chosen the wiki format to allow all users to contribute their experience and knowledge to build a vibrant community.

What is a wiki?

Almost every page is editable by all users of our site. We rely on our community members to help add and maintain the content of the site. We hope that you will participate. Everyone has knowledge they can share to improve the quality and usefulness of clinical flow around the world. Please contribute by adding a comment, posting a sample case, correcting an error or adding a new topic. Click here to find out more about a wiki and how to add and edit pages.

Even if you are not ready to contribute yet, please feel free to browse our site. We have a lot of interesting things, including case examples, reference material, and more.









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This is a very interesting and usefull page and i am learning a lot of clinical cytometry with the data available for the FCS Express.

I'll enjoy a lot and i'll try to collaborate as much as possible even i have no experience in the clinical world.

Thanks to all for a this good job.
Posted 14:54, 17 Apr 2008
I already download FCs experess reader but i dont know how to use it
Posted 04:25, 29 Jul 2008
You'll find a description of the Reader on and on . Once you've downloaded and installed it, you'll be able to click on any case in this website, and have it open automatically in the Reader - you'll be able to adjust gates, and make other changes to your local copy of that analysis.
Posted 18:03, 29 Jul 2008
Is there a FCS Reader for Macs?
Posted 13:39, 16 Nov 2008
FCS Express Reader doesn't run natively on the Mac. However, using a Windows virtual machine, like VMWare Fusion, will let you run FCS Express as an application on your Mac desktop. edited 16:11, 18 Nov 2008
Posted 16:11, 18 Nov 2008
Thanks to all for a this good job.
Posted 23:10, 7 Feb 2009
Viewing 6 of 6 comments: view all
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