FCS Express Reader

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The FCS Express Reader is a free download available from the De Novo Software website.  Once you have installed the Reader you will be able to see any published FCS Express analysis layout including the case examples here on the Clinical Flow Wiki. If you already have FCS Express installed, you do not need to download the free Reader since the regular version of FCS Express can also read all of the cases published on the site. More information about Publishing in general can be found here.

With the FCS Express Reader, you will be able to completely re-analyze the data in any fashion you desire.  All of the analysis capabilities of FCS Express Professional version software are available such as modifying, adding or removing gates and/or data plots, change compensation, manipulate statistics and much more. 

Additionally, the Reader allows you to be able to take an interactive look at participating reagent vendors' products and examples prior to making a purchase.

The FCS Express Reader can be upgraded to a full demonstration version or a purchased version of FCS Express at any time.