Guidelines for Contributing

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The wiki is designed for users to contribute, and we want to encourage as many users as possible to post articles, case studies, comments, and whatever they feel would benefit others. However, please respect the following guidelines:

  1.  Anonymize all patient data. There should be no patient identifying information. If you need help anonymizing your data, please send an email to support@denovosoftware.com.
  2. Cases should be ideally be annotated. Submitting a collection of raw data files is not going to help anyone. Similarly, a PDF file with 100 plots and gates will not be helpful either. Please annotate your cases such that someone can follow and see what you are doing. We have many examples on the wiki of well annotated cases. Please view some before submitting.
  3. If possible, try to include a brief patient history and some histology slides to make the case as relevant as possible.
  4. Cases can be uploaded in any software. PowerPoint, PDF and published FCS Express Layout files are the reccomended formats. Please remember that when attaching PowerPoint layouts they often open in a viewer that is built into the web browser, and does not show elements that are off the slide. Published FCS Express layout files are reccomended because anyone can download them with the Free FCS Express Reader and manipulate the gates and really learn flow. If you have FCS Express and need help publishing your layouts, click here
  5. Cases need to be attached to an existing page. If you feel your case is a novel condition that deserves its own explanation, please feel free to add a new page. Please try to add your page as a sub-page of a similar disease.